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Let's hear it from the girls!

Cathy Curtis 'To be a S&CBC member is to gain a whole new bunch of friends and in some cases, is life-changing. It doesn't matter if you've shot before or never held a gun, all events are so friendly and welcoming that everyone can feel included and is encouraged'

Claire Louise Sadler 'The bun club has opened up a whole community that I thought was otherwise closed off not only to women, but to those with no connections or experience and to those based in a city. Not only have I been able to develop my shooting and really embrace the sport but I have made some amazing friends from all different walks of life, some of which I know will be lifelong friends. I'm not being dramatic or sycophantic when I say that being a member of this club has been life changing! And I think you should be super proud Victoria Knowles-Lacks because it's all down to you'

Emily Coward I know I'm not alone in saying that the S&CBC has seriously impacted my life for the better. I've made lifelong friends with some incredible, strong women while having been able to pursue a traditionally male-dominated sport without having to eschew femininity.

Gabs Whorwood 'Quite simply I can't imagine my life without Bun Club, it's introduced me to some of the most fabulous people and a sport I now adore. #bunclubgirlsarebest'

Jane Knight 'I can genuinely say it's MY PASSION now and I'm not just along on the off chance of getting to shoot'

Heather Gibson 'Meeting fabulous new girls for a fab time and fab cake x'

Lucy King 'I've met so many fabulous, funny and fascinating women, eaten some phenomenal cakes and learned a bit about how to shoot too!'

Anita North 'Bun Club is: It is fun, social and educational too! You get to meet fabulous ladies - I know I have. Be warned!! The enthusiasm and positive energy is contagious!

Linda Wright 'The Bun Club has added a new dimension to my life!  It is a sport where the only person I truly compete with is me and the women I have met are just fabulous - fun, intelligent, take no prisoners ladeez! Love it! Thank you VKL!'

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