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Our little archive of helpful printables!

An ever growing little archive of useful PDF's for you to download and refer to.

Seriously sweet discounts!

One of the perks of being a member is the discounts, it's not just on our events - we have a fab list of awesome businesses who offer discounts to us!

Join the conversation

The Facebook group is a massive perk to so many of the members. Join in, ask questions, mingle, laugh and learn!


Get stuck in. It can be daunting when you're new, but rest assured you're in good company. The S&CBC is famed for it's inclusivity. It all starts with a conversation, simply say hi in the members group, or at events look out for someone else with a members badge at an event and say hi to them.

Use the opportunities that arise to get stuck in. People frequently post about meet ups and shoots, so say yes if you'd like to. Fantastic friendships can be formed.

Use the discounts, ask for support. We're all in it together.

  • The create a seriously fun, friendly and inclusive Club, where ladies can learn to shoot, progress, socialise and be a part of something utterly wonderful.
  • To educate and instill confidence in our members
  • To provide fun and friendly events, where all ladies are made welcome and valued.
  • To remain affordable and open to all.
  •  To keep the girls at the heart of the S&CBC and the grow the club in accordance with wishes of the members
  • To continually strive to improve the Bun Club.
  • To be the finest Club of its kind and lead the way through excellence.
  • To provide a friendly and accessible network that ladies can be continual members of, or just step in as they choose, with the same friendly welcome.
  • To celebrate successes of our ladies.
  • To work hard for our members.
  • To educate ladies on matters relating to shooting, to nurture, and provide relevant and fun events.

Getting involved is what it's all about. You can get so much so much out of the Club when you get involved!

We're a community of likeminded ladies who all share a love of shooting. Get involved by chatting to other ladies at events. Strike up a conversation in our Facebook group. Write a blog, share your experiences. It's our members who make our Club so awesome, so do get stuck in!



The Club was set up in 2011 to make shooting more appealing and more encouraging to women of all ages. Shooting can be very formal and male heavy, so we set up the Club to bring some much needed female camaraderie and support.
The S&CBC day to day is run by Victoria Knowles-Lacks, she is incredibly lucky to have an amazing team of members who help host events and chip in with operations.
Aside from the clay days, we offer simulated game days, game shooting via The Ripley Castle Estate in North Yorkshire and the odd social.  Opportunities from other members appear occasionally in our Facebook group. We're about more that shooting, we're a sisterhood.
Our members make us different. We're all about sticking together, support and getting stuck in. So many members have made the best of friends whilst being in the S&CBC. Aside from the social aspect, we're all about innovating, improving and doing our best.

Membership FAQ's

Our membership is set up on an rolling subscription, whether you're a monthly or annual member. If you don't want to renew your membership on the next payment cycle, please do cancel it in PayPal.

If your membership doesn't auto renew, you can do so in 'My Profile'.

Welcome to the gang! So many thanks for joining.

Now you've created your profile, you'll be auto emailed your log in details. If you don't see them in your inbox, do have a look in your junk folder. Then, we'll be in touch with you within 2 office days (at most). We'll approve your profile, send your little badge and if you add Victoria Knowles-Lacks as a friend on Facebook, she'll add you in to our Facebook group. You will also be added to our members email list, so you'll be kept up to date with all of the news!

There are a few reasons why this happens; firstly, are you 100% logged in? Or, if you log in on multiple devices (laptop, phone and iPad) the website has a security feature which locks you out as it thinks your log in might have been compromised. Or, if you aren't sure when your membership has lapsed, this could be it.

Any problems at all with logging in, it's usually a super quick fix, so do email us at and we'll get you fixed up, pronto!