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Join the UK's largest ladies' clay shooting club!

S&CBC Membership isn't just a little gorgeous badge, it's a lifestyle. Our members are right at the heart of our Club and are who shape it. There's an immense amount of support, fun and camaraderie - it's what we're about. So many of our darling members have made some fantastic friends through the Club, they've benefitted from that fabulous S&CBC sisterhood from other members and are now excellent shots, with a gang of likeminded friends!

Members benefits

  • Access to our secret members only Facebook group
  • A beautiful members only pin badge
  • To be a part of amazing community of lady shooters
  • Discounts from some fabulous companies and shooting grounds
  • Invites to members only events







A few questions!

  • I've not been to an event yet, should I still join?

    Absolutely! So many ladies join before they've been to an event and really benefit from our secret, members only Facebook group, which is a great way to get a flavour for the club and to chat to other ladies.

  • Once I've joined, what happens next?

    We'll be in touch with you and send you a welcome email, then we'll get your badge etc out in the post ASAP. You can book events straight away as a member once you've joined.

  • I live overseas or in an area where you don't do events, can I still join?

    Yes you can! We have a growing number of international members who love the buzz of the club and keeping up to date with our news. Our Facebook group and community is the real perk of being a member, so even if you can't get to events, you can still get benefits and value for money.


Join as a monthly member for £10 a month!