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Be part of the World's biggest ladies shooting event

No experience or gun needed. Just book your ticket by clicking the shooting ground name below and we'll see you there!

Now a firm fixture in the ladies' shooting calendar and building on the success of our first two National Ladies' Shooting Days, we're so excited to announce #NLSD2017 which will be held on 10th June 2017. Our game changing day has single handedly introduced more women in to the sport of clay shooting, it's fun, it's social and there are so amazing prizes! If you've ever fancied shooting some clays, or if you shoot already and would like to meet likeminded lady guns, we'd love you to get involved!

  • No experience or gun required!

  • The perfect introduction to shooting, in a safe and social way!

  • All events are just 42.00 (with the exception of West London) and include absolutely everything!

  • A fabulous way to meet new friends

  • Ladies of all ages, backgrounds and abilities are so welcome!
  • We shoot low recoil cartridges, so no need to worry about 'kick'

Do you want to shoot for free on #NLSD2017?

Free places!

Sharing the love

Get your #NLSD2017 place for free! Simply get 5 friends to book on to an event, then email us with your name, your friends names and chosen ground and we'll book you in, gratis!

The legendary #NLSD2017 Prize Pile

Coming soon!

Because we love a good prize

Prizes and the occasion are a massive part of National Ladies' Shooting Day. We'll be sharing our prize pile with you in early 2017!

Can't wait until 10th June to come shooting?

Warm up for #NLSD2017 with a S&CBC event

Come shooting with us!

If you can't wait for #NLSD2017, or aren't sure what we're about, do check out our S&CBC events and come and have a go, we think you'll love it!


Scotland & Ireland Events

Bisley at Braidwood, Selkirk, Scottish Borders

Courtlough Shooting Grounds, Dublin, Ireland (in partnership with Courtlough Ladies Shooting Club)

We are so excited for this!
Count down to the S&CB #NLSD2017