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S&CBC Club Values

  • To continue to put women shooters on the map and to create more opportunities for our members
  • The create a seriously fun, friendly and inclusive Club, where ladies can learn to shoot, progress,┬ásocialise and be a part of something utterly wonderful.
  • To educate and instill confidence in our members
  • To provide fun and friendly events, where all ladies are made welcome and valued.
  • ┬áTo keep the girls at the heart of the S&CBC and the grow the club in accordance with wishes of the members
  • To continually strive to improve the Bun Club.
  • To be the finest Club of its kind and lead the way through excellence.
  • To provide a friendly and accessible network that ladies can be continual members of, or just step in as they choose, with the same friendly welcome.
  • To celebrate successes of our ladies.
  • To work hard for our members.
  • To educate ladies on matters relating to shooting, to nurture, and provide relevant and fun events.

Shoot, support, socialise and succeed

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